Our Philosophy

We love what we do. People come to us with a variety of reasons. It may simply be professional nail and skin care or pain in their foot or lower limb. The pain might be making their day a little less enjoyable, or it might even be depriving them of the activities they love. That's why we love what we do. We get to restore people's mobility or help them enjoy activities that have grown painful because of injury. This is the reason why we are always eager to learn about the latest treatments and bring the ones that work to our patients. That is why we do 30 minute appointments. When a patient comes to us with issues we need time to hear all their symptoms: the where and when of their pain. We also need time to treat you and our patients need time to absorb the treatment plan. A 15 minute appointment (or even less!) is not the real-world way to great results. 

We combine experience, technology, and most importantly, consummate care, so that our patients have the best possible outcomes. The goal is always the same: happy feet.


It is not necessary to have a referral from a General Practitioner to come and see us at Langmore Podiatry. Simply give us a call at (03) 9707 1988 and make an appointment.

Private Insurance and Medicare

Langmore Podiatry uses HICAPS, which offers efficient processing of private health insurance claims. If your health fund is a HICAPS participant (this include Medibank, HCF, NIB, c u a, and all the largest private insurers), then you will be able to use your private insurance to the extent it covers podiatric services. This may cover part or even all the cost.

Langmore Podiatry also partially rebates EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) medicare patients, so if your general practitioner has written you an EPC referral, then Langmore Podiatry will automatically coordinate with Medicare to rebate the majority of our consult fee back into your account. Note, however, that there will be a small gap payment. We do not bulk bill. Our commitment is not to to serving as many people as we can per hour, but making sure that everyone we treat has 30 minutes of the best care available.

Note: we do not accept Work Cover or TAC Claims.