Nail enamel can harm your nails. In the past we have recommended our patients not use nail enamels, as they can make your nails yellow, white or brittle. However, we are excited to now provide the only nail enamel that allows water and air to pass through. Your nails will stay healthy and still look fantastic.

Inglot's O2M line uses an advanced polymer that applies beautifully in dozens of colours while still allowing air and water to pass through to the nail surface. To further protect your nail from discolouration make sure you use Inglot's O2M Base Coat and keep your nails looking beautiful longer with Inglot's O2M Top Coat. We have them all! In every colour!  

Inglot O2M does NOT contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DPB) or camphor. 


Gehwol Foot Cream

Eduard Gerlach founded Gehwol in Lübbeke in North Rhine Westphalia in 1868. Since that time Gehwol has consistently crafted the finest German-made foot creams and balms using only the best ingredients, technology, and techniques. For over 140 years Gehwol has consistently produced unparalleled foot products, and we are very pleased to bring them to you. 

Gehwol offers a very wide range of products covering a multitude of different foot conditions. Crafting niche products, Gehwol has products specific to nails, feet, and the leg. Within these broad categories, the specific needs of various different conditions have been individually considered, so that each cream and balm is ideally suited to your particular needs. 


The ShoeZap kills fungus and bacteria that cause:

  • Smelly shoes and feet

  • Toenail fungus

  • Athlete's foot

How it works:

The ShoeZap uses UV light to destroy the germs that cause odors and the organisms that cause fungus and athlete's foot. Simply insert the sanitisers into your shoes, put the shoes in the provided UV proof bag, turn the power on, and in 15 minutes your shoes are ready to go.


  • Easy to use

  • Fits all shoe types

  • No sprays, powders or insoles

  • Will not damage your shoes

  • Only takes 15 minutes

  • Proven technology

Come in and get a ShoeZap today.