Chilblains are characterised by redness of the skin, itching, inflammation and blisters. If you are predisposed to chilblains, exposure to cold weather may cause these symptoms to occur. It is possible that your chilblains are symptoms of a more serious pathology. It is common for those with diabetes or poor circulation to get chilblains.


You should avoid rapid changes in temperature (including from cold to hot) and tight fitting shoes and socks. Warm shoes and socks will help and it is better to wear multiple layers rather than a single thick layer, because this traps heat more efficiently. It is advisable that you use natural fibres like wool or alpaca, because these materials are exceptionally good at trapping heat close to the body.


Keep your feet warm and dry and avoid rapid changes in temperature. A good diet and exercise have been shown to help and the podiatrists at Langmore Podiatry will advise you on the particular treatments, such as wax baths (available at Langmore Podiatry), that are suitable for your particular condition.

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