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Dry Needling and Mobilisation are some of the many services that differentiate Langmore Podiatry.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is also often referred to as trigger point therapy. Our podiatrists have undertaken extra study and certification in dry needling techniques, which can help with releasing muscle trigger points and alleviating pain. Trigger points in muscle are essentially tight bands that stop muscle from lengthening and building strength efficiently. Further, trigger points may result in referred pain. Therefore, what may be initially diagnosed as plantar fasciitis, may in fact be referred pain from a trigger point in your calf muscles.

At Langmore Podiatry, our podiatrists are experienced in determining whether your pathology is related to trigger points, and are able to perform dry needling to resolve your pain and lead to efficient strengthening of muscle.


Just as a chiropractor mobilises your back, our podiatrists have undertaken further study to learn how to mobilise your feet. Foot mobilisation can be an effective alternative to orthotic therapy.

Langmore Podiatry Can Help

If you experience painful feet or would like more information about these techniques and how they can help you, call Langmore Podiatry in Berwick at 9707 1988 today for an appointment with one of our experienced podiatrists. Located in the heart of Berwick, Langmore Podiatry is just a short drive from Narre Warren, Beaconsfield, Pakenham, and Cranbourne.