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Orthoses are devices that either realign the feet into a more efficient and economical position or accomodate feet, providing a redistribution of pressure to make feet more comfortable.

Orthotic Therapy

If you have flat feet, heel pain, pain while undertaking activity, or prominent areas on your feet (due to arthritis for example), you may benefit from orthotic management. Our podiatrists undertake an extensive biomechanical assessment, including gait analysis, muscle testing, and joint range of motion analysis. We have the technology to record you while you run or walk to identify any factors that may be addressed with orthoses. Like many fields within podiatry the skill a podiatrist has is of paramount importance. Simply applying the above process, without the requisite experience and talent, is insufficient. We love getting it right and that is what we strive for with every single patient.

Custom Orthoses

There are circumstances where custom orthoses are required to achieve optimal results. If this is the case, we will either cast your feet in plaster or take a 3D scan of your feet. Both methods will provide us with an exact replica of your foot including, of course, the contour of your arch. This information is then sent to a lab with a full orthotic prescription. We use the very best lab. Building a custom orthotic from a prescription is a highly specialised art-form and should only be entrusted to an elite lab that doesn't do anything else. A part-time orthotic builder is simply not good enough. When we receive your orthotics back from the lab we have an ideal, 100% custom orthotic that is ready to be fitted and adjusted to make sure that it is as comfortable as it is well-built. We have a great deal of experience in making the necessary adjustments and will work with you to achieve maximum comfort and ideal correction.

Pre-Fabricated Orthoses

There are times when a fully customised orthotic is not necessary. At Langmore Podiatry we also offer semi-custom and pre-fabricated orthoses, offering an alternative level of support and control. We are experts at making alterations as is required to these orthoses, so that you receive optimal benefits.

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