We just made a new video on fungal infections on nails. Check it out here!


Welcome to the new year everyone! We hope that you had a safe and fun holiday season. We re-opened our doors on 2 January, and are back to our full strength with the return of Helen and Emily on the 15th of January! 


Christmas Party!! Yayh!

The annual Langmore Podiatry Christmas Party 2017

The annual Langmore Podiatry Christmas Party 2017


The Oxfam Trailwalk 2017 is on!

Marissa is volunteering at the 2017 Oxfam Trailwalker. We want to wish all the walkers the best of luck and to stay injury free!

Marissa is volunteering at the 2017 Oxfam Trailwalker. We want to wish all the walkers the best of luck and to stay injury free!


We are so pleased to announce that the Langmore Podiatry family has grown. Emily White, a wonderful podiatrist, will be our new podiatrist starting 16 January. Emily shares our commitment to, and focus on, patient care, so we know you'll love her too.  We are super excited to have such a qualified and accomplished podiatrist at our clinic! (more)


Holiday hours: we will be closed from 24 December through January 1. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all!


We've got a great new video out on plantar fasciitis! Available, as usual, on both Youtube and facebook!


We are open Cup Day! Good luck to everyone making a wager!


Here's one for the ladies! Marissa has 3 great tips to get your feet ready for the summer. Check it out on Youtube or facebook.


We just wrapped a new video about fungal toenails available on facebook and YouTube. Marissa gives us the three signs to look for and how to treat them. We hope you find it informative!


We now carry the only nail enamel in Australia which allows air and water to pass through the enamel surface! Why is this news? Prolonged use of nail enamel can make nails yellow, white, or brittle. Inglot's O2M breathable nail enamels (with breathable Top and Base Coats) solve this problem. They apply beautifully, and once on, you can feel great that your nails aren't suffering. Come in today to see the huge variety of colours we have in stock!


Achilles tendinopathy is a widely misunderstood pathology. Our most recent video tries to bust some of the myths surrounding this injury and discusses the causes and treatments available. Check it on on facebook and YouTube!


We have a bit of a mini series of videos out about running shoes. The first video gives you some tips on when you should think about replacing your worn runners, and the next discusses why you should have two different pairs of runners. As always, we have them posted on YouTube and facebook!


Relatively few people in Australia know about nail bracing. While it is very common Europe, especially in Germany where we source our braces, podiatrists in Australia have continued to rely on much more invasive and unsightly surgery. Surgery is still an important and useful tool, but it is generally the case that we can achieve better results with less pain and fewer complications that are much more aesthetically pleasing with nail braces. We have been offering the braces for some time now, but we thought a video might help spread the word. Check out Marissa on YouTube or facebook as she demonstrates the application of a nail brace. 


We have a new video out! Prolotherapy is a treatment option many don't know about. If you have heel pain, plantar fasciitis, or ankle instability, you might want to see our new video on either facebook or YouTube.


Online appointments are now available! Click here.


Curious about shockwave therapy? Wonder what is involved and how it might help? We have all the answers in out most recent video. See our facebook page or YouTube channel.


We think it might be a good time to freshen things up. Stay tuned...


HOLIDAY HOURS: We will be closed for the Queen birthday long weekend (6/13/2016). See everyone on Tuesday!


We have resumed normal Saturday opening hours! If you would like a Saturday appointment just give us a call and we'll set you up!


Langmore Podiatry hosted a nail bracing seminar with Best Feet First today. Thomas of BFF expertly demonstrated the latest in nail bracing technology, a wonderful pain-free solution to ingrown toenails. Langmore Podiatry is pioneering this treatment in Victoria, where only a handful of foot clinics have the technical expertise to deliver this fantastic alternative to surgery. We have offered this innovative solution for a number of years and are committed to staying at the very forefront of technology.


Our new dry needling video is now featured on facebook as well. Click here to go to our site and navigate to the video section.


Just posted our new dry needling demonstration video on YouTube. Click here to see it. We will post on facebook shortly.

Curious about dry needling? Want to know what it's like before you have it done? Check out our demonstration video

Curious about dry needling? Want to know what it's like before you have it done? Check out our demonstration video


Saturday closure notice: We will be closed on the following two Saturdays (14th and 21st) because we are hosting a nail bracing seminar. We apologise for the inconvenience. On the bright side, we will then be open every Saturday instead of every second Saturday.


Marissa Arakelian is now full time at Langmore Podiatry! We are so pleased that she has decided to join Langmore full-time. In then end it was an easy decision for Marissa. The patients at Langmore Podiatry are wonderful!


It was really cold this weekend. Really cold! A great time, then, to discuss chilblains and one of Langmore Podiatry's chilblain treatments: wax baths (not just for dry feet). We recently posted an article on chilblains, but thought a video would be great so people could actually see what it is like to get a wax bath. Click here to view on YouTube and here to view on facebook. Enjoy!

Marissa demonstrates a wax bath. Great for dry feet and chilblains!

Marissa demonstrates a wax bath. Great for dry feet and chilblains!


Marissa and Kevin spent a few hours at Evergreen Retirement Village at Pakenham. We had the best time talking to all the lovely residents. A very special thanks to everyone, and also Annie and Sharyn who were perfect hosts!


Marissa discusses shin splints in this week's video. If you are a runner or know someone who suffers from shin splints, Marissa will help inform you in this short video. Click here to view on facebook and here to view on YouTube.


Our most recent video has just been published on facebook and YouTube. It features a very special guest and discusses an important subject: children. Click here to view on facebook and here to view on YouTube.


We just added a new article on the website. Do you know what chilblains are? Do you have them? Find out more here.


Our second episode of "Minute with Marissa" is out now. Click here to see it on YouTube or here to see it on facebook. Enjoy!


Langmore Podiatry is now on twitter.


Part of our mission at Langmore Podiatry is to educate and inform people about medical issues surrounding the foot and lower limb. That is why we have started a YouTube channel focused on providing useful and concise podiatric information. We hope to add videos on a regular basis, so the best way to keep abreast is to subscribe so you don't miss out on the particular topic or topics that interest you. We intend on keeping the videos really brief, but packed full of good information. The first video in our new series, "Minute with Marissa", is about the field of podiatry. Click here to be taken to the new YouTube channel or click on the YouTube icon in the footer of each page of this website.



We have new signage outside. As it turned out it wasn't an April fool. Langmore Podiatry has got a new look. We are very excited about the new signs and hope everyone else likes them too.


Langmore Podiatry is about to get a new look. April Fool? Stay tuned to find out!


Give a gift, get a gift! Come in today and pick up a referral card that entitles the receiver to 10% off their first visit. Not only that, but you'll get 10% off your next visit once that card is used. Win-win! This is perfect for those of you who have friends that are having some trouble with their feet, but just haven't gotten around to dealing with it. The best part is that you already know that Langmore Podiatry is the best place for your friends to go for all their podiatric needs. Just remember to write your name on the card so we can credit you with 10% off as well.


Easter closure: Langmore Podiatry wishes everyone a happy and restful Easter. We will be closed Friday the 25th through Monday the 28th. Please feel free to leave a message at (03) 9707 1988.


We have an all-new page on Facebook where we hope to feature some tips and advice in the near future. Following us means you won't miss out when we post something you might find useful!