About Orthotics at Langmore Podiatry

“Orthotics” refers to the branch of medicine that utilises specific devices to correct problems with the feet such as realigning them into a more efficient position or redistributing pressure to make them more comfortable. The devices used are called orthoses. Many people can benefit from orthotics in Beaconsfield, especially people who have flat feet, heel pain, pain with activity, or areas of prominence on the feet due to problems such as arthritis.

When you make an appointment with Langmore Podiatry, we will provide you with a thorough assessment that includes gait analysis, joint range of motion analysis, and muscle testing. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to pinpoint specific problems and their orthotic solutions. Our podiatrists are experienced and skilled in this area, and we place a strong focus on working closely with you to get it right. Some people require custom orthoses to achieve optimal results. In this case, we can either take a 3D scan of your feet or cast them in plaster. Either method will result in a replica of your feet, allowing our lab to construct a 100% custom orthotic that will be comfortable and effective. Other times, a prefabricated orthotic will provide the treatment needed, so we also offer prefabricated and semi-custom orthoses. We can make alterations to these as required to ensure that you receive optimal benefits.

We work closely with one of the world’s best orthotic laboratories and offer exclusive solutions for serious cyclists. The correct foot position on the pedal increases torque, transferring more power for the same effort. We can build this into an orthotic specific to your cycling shoe, regardless of whether you need orthotics outside of cycling. Our lab works with elite professional cycling teams, powering Tour de France winners and World champions. Proven technology for the edge you want.

When you need orthotics in Beaconsfield, contact Langmore Podiatry. We are in the heart of Berwick and serve patients in Beaconsfield, Narre Warren, Pakenham, and Cranbourne. Make an appointment today and see the difference we can make.