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Standing All Day? Orthotics in Narre Warren Can Help

If you’re one of the many people who must spend extended periods of time on their feet, you know how hard this is on your feet and how much your feet can ache at the end of the day. Many individuals must stand for hours on end at work, but standing on concrete and other hard surfaces can lead to health problems such as lower back pain, stiff legs, and sore feet. The hard floor pounds your feet with each step, potentially causing severe and chronic health issues to develop.

Spending all day on your feet can cause problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, swollen or painful feet, Achilles tendinopathy, varicose veins, knee problems, lower back pain, muscle soreness, and fatigue. You are also at an increased risk for hip or knee arthritis. When the muscles in the feet become stressed from working so hard and so long with no rest, you become more vulnerable to injury. Prolonged standing also impedes blood flow to your muscles, causing inflamed veins and swollen feet, ankles, and legs.

Make an appointment with Langmore Podiatry today to discuss orthotics in Narre Warren. Langmore Podiatry can help with practical solutions for many foot and leg problems, including orthotics in Narre Warren as well as treatments for many types of foot injuries and conditions. Orthotics can align your heel and ankle and provide customised support exactly where you need it, helping you stay more comfortable and avoid injury while at work – even when you must spend hours on your feet.


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